SuperSlow Zone -- Idaho
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What Is SuperSlow?

SuperSlow is a protocol that has been around for decades. Developed initially as a protocol that allowed patients with osteoperosis to strength train, it was quickly discovered that the techniques could be universally applied to people of almost any age, strength and health level. The technique involves lifting heavy weight at slow speeds. There are multiple benefits to this. First off, it is safer. It reduces the impact of the exercise on bones and joints and lets muscles do their job. Secondly, it is more effective. It takes momentum out of the equation and makes the workout more effective.

Will It Work?

Absolutely. It is simply science. By letting your muscles perform the work, you can be sure that you will receive a workout that is meaningful and will absolutely show you results. You can see increased tone and defintion, better range of motion, increased metabolsim and overall well being.

Is It Safe?

Entirely. Under the watchful eye of a professional SuperSlow Zone trainer and following the protocol, the threat of injury is practically nil. It is one of the safest methods of exercise to ever be practiced.

What Is a 20 Minute Session Like? Is It Really A Workout?

A 20 minute session twice a week at our facility really is all you need. No extra work at home, we won't try to get you to come in more (in fact, we forbid it!). It really is that effective. The reasoning is simple. By taking momentum out of the exercise, all the work is shifted to the muscles taking out all the extra time you normally have to put in. By the end of a 20 minute session, you'll have a total body workout that you are sure to feel.